Client Example (ClientE) to work with the Academic Platform for ONline Experiments (APONE)

ClientE is a static web project that serves as an example of a typical client for the Academic Platform for Online Experiments (APONE), with the purpose of running online A/B experiments.

The client offers a typical search web site powered by ElasticSearch, and serves as an example for three different experiments:

The first two experiments define different URLs per variant. The last experiment make use of a PlanOut script instead. The queries issued, the search pages loaded and the documents where the user clicked, are registered as events by calling web services offered by APONE through the Javascript library jsApone, included in the APONE project in the folder ‘resources’.

It is assumed that there is an instance of the platform running at, with those experiments defined. The instance of ElasticSearch used is running on the same server, and has the Cranfield documents indexed for demonstration purposes. Three instances of ClientE running in the same server serve as clients for those experiments (ClientColor, ClientRanking, and ClientColorRanking).

The platform user guide shows step by step how to set up the three experiments locally with the remote platform and ClientE installed locally, and contains additional information about the services provided by APONE.

APONE may also be installed locally. The installation guide describes the process.

The ClientE repository is located at: